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sábado, 30 de abril de 2011
Mr Michael M.Y. Suen
Secretary for Education
Hello friends! The NeoWellBlog will present in many languages lots of information over education about the East. Since I wish study in Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapure, Thailand or Malaysia many universities courses related with the language or Administration. So, it is awesome to me share with you what I'm reading about. 

This post aims to share the Welcome Letter from Mr Michael M. Y. Suen, Secretary for Education in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of my favorite destinations to study!
Mr Michael M.Y. Suen
Secretary for Education

Education is where the future of our society lies and it involves a huge investment of public resources.  That is why it is a matter of intense public interest.  The HKSAR Government has always attached great importance to education, and tremendous efforts and resources have been devoted to it to cater for the needs of our knowledge-based economy.

The Education Bureau is responsible for the formulation of policies and the introduction of legislation to ensure that quality education is being provided for Hong Kong's young people. The Bureau also oversees the implementation of programmes that are designed to bring these objectives to fruition.

Education development is a long-term commitment.  As such, the Government will continue to strive hard to provide quality education for our students.  In the coming years, we will press ahead with the implementation of the New Senior Secondary Academic Structure, as well as other measures to improve the quality of education.  I have much pleasure to be offered the opportunity to work for Hong Kong’s education development at this important juncture.

As the principal official in charge of the education portfolio, I do believe that it is important for me and my colleagues to communicate with all stakeholders, including parents, the education sector and the general public.  Through this website, we will continue to provide parents and members of the public with up-to-date information on education policies and services.  Also, we encourage our readers to express their opinions, in the long-term interest of our next generation, so that we might continue to bring about improvements in the delivery of our policies and services to meet their aspirations.

Optimising our education services is the common goal of the entire community.  I look forward to further improving our work through enhanced coordination and communication with various stakeholders.

Well friends! If you like to know more about Hong Kong Education you should go to Hong Kong Education Bureau web site!

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